Thursday, September 28

McIntosh Will Deliver the 2017 DuBose Lectures

The annual DuBose Lectures will be held on Sept. 27 and 28, on the campus of the University of the South’s School of Theology. This year the School of Theology will welcome the Rev. Professor Mark McIntosh, Endowed Chair of Christian Spirituality at Loyola University, Chicago, as the guest lecturer. His lectures will cover,“Green Trinity: Creation’s Mending and Trinitarian Life in an Age of Environmental Crisis.”
McIntosh’s three lectures explore Christian theological and mystical traditions that affirm the Trinitarian origin and destiny of the created universe, its inherent goodness, and the human vocation towards our fellow creatures.
Lecture 1, Sept. 27, Guerry Auditorium, 9–10:30 a.m.—The Book of Creation: The Disenchantment of Nature and the Silencing of the Supernatural;
Lecture 2, Sept. 27, Guerry Auditorium, 2–3:30 p.m.—Deeper Magic: The Mind of God and the Mystical Life of Creation;
Lecture 3, Sept. 28, Guerry Auditorium, 9–10:30 a.m.—Everlasting Day: The Resurrection of Christ and the True Life of all Creatures.
The general public is welcome to attend the three lectures in their entirety or individually. There is no admittance fee or reservation required, however, meals and other events associated with the lectures are reserved for the School’s alumni.
For additional details about the lectures and the lecturer, please visit the School’s website at