Wednesday, October 11

Monroe Presents at the Next Water Lecture Series

Sewanee’s water lecture series continues on Wednesday, Oct. 11, with a talk by Jeremy Monroe, director and filmmaker on “Freshwaters Illustrated - Images and stories of the rivers, streams, wetlands that run through our land and lives.” The talk will take place in Gailor Auditorium at 6 p.m., and is free and open to the public.
The southeastern United States, and in particular the rivers of Tennessee and Alabama, are global hotpots of biodiversity. A remarkable young man has captured the attention of audiences ranging from the general public to scientists to politicians through his compelling and award-winning films on our river life (see <> for a preview).
Jeremy lives with his wife and two daughters within canoe-carting distance to Oregon’s Willamette River. He says, “My life is shaped by water... touched by the beautiful life that swims in, crawls through, wades in or skates on it... inspired by those who work to understand and protect its wonders. I founded Freshwaters Illustrated to help create and share imagery and stories that demonstrate the diversity and shared values of the rivers, streams, wetland and lake that run through our landscapes and our lives.”