Thursday, February 22

Mobilize the Vote Meeting

Sewanee Organize and Act will meet at 5 p.m., Thursday, Feb. 22, at the Sewanee Community Center. The program will be Mobilize the Vote. Visiting assistant politics professor Clint Swift will explain our current situation in relation to getting out the vote—issues such as gerrymandering and the complexities of race, class and gender. A panel composed of local community members with experience in getting people registered and voting in elections will discuss effective methods and what we as individuals can do to get out the vote as we approach the midterm elections in November. Participants will learn strategies to increase registration and how to be a volunteer voter.
Swift teaches courses in American political behavior, political parties, and state politics. His research focuses primarily on how institutions condition elite behavior in American state legislatures. He is interested in how characteristics such as political experience, ideology, race and gender condition legislative collaboration in different institutional contexts. His research focuses on economic voting across the American states as well as the influence of local factors on economic evaluations and perceptions.
Sewanee Organize and Act is one of several groups in Tennessee that are following the Indivisible model of resisting the current governmental agenda, which is available at <>. Interested people from Sewanee and surrounding communities are invited to participate in Sewanee Organize and Act. For more information, contact <sewaneeorganiz​>.